Eco Friendly Nonslip Nosing Korea

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Eco Friendly Nonslip Nosing Korea

Eco Friendly Nonslip Nosing Korea Eco Friendly Nonslip Nosing Korea SAFETEPEco Friendly Nonslip Nosing Korea Eco Friendly Nonslip Nosing

SAFTESTEP is the finest product compared to overseas brand name products.

SAFETEP has proven its excellence by registering it at the shopping mall of the Public Procurement Service and advancing abroad. SAFETTEP is a leading nonslip stair nosing, advancing to the world with the excellent quality.

Domestic and Overseas Companies Status in the Same Field and Competitive Price

SAFETEP nonslip stair nosings have excellent durability, flame resistance, and pollution resistance compared with the products of our competitors in Korea and abroad. SAFETEP is a little bit more expensive than a PVC product. However Donho R & D’s nonslip pads are eco-friendly products that have outstanding durability and anti-slip performance since they have been made of natural materials that do not require coloring. The price is 60% of overseas products and our products have competitiveness based on the low price.

Technology Competitiveness

Division Products of other companies in Korea SAFETEP Overseas products
Nonslip Function Made of PVC.
The nonslip function dramatically decrease s when it is damp.
Made of emery powder. Excellent nonslip function and durability. Made of same materials as products of our competitors or low nonslip performance.
Luminescent Function No luminescent function or low luminescence due to luminescent mix with plastic. - Show high luminance
  performance (5~7 times of
  KS regulation)
- The luminescent strip has
  high wear resistance.
High price (about $30)
Thickness of the Product 5 mm A lot of irritation during walking. 2-3 mm Very thin, Little irritation during walking. 3-5 mm

Flame resistance

Comparative Analysis (Competitiveness)

Comparison between the Products of Donho R & D and Our Competitors

  • 1. Excellent wear resistance because of the aluminum sheet and semipermanent use.
  • 2. Easy installation by piece or adhesive installation because of the partial inserting method of the luminescence instead
        of using the tape.
  • 3. Excellent product design with diverse colors. Safe from fire because of its excellent flame resistance.
  • 4. Thin design and minimized aluminum exposure.
  • 5. Not easily contaminated because its outstanding pollution resistance.
Division SAFETEP Nonslip stair nosing of
other company
Nonslip stair nosing of
other company
Product Name LCP-500 Same specifications Same specifications
Image Eco Friendly Nonslip Nosing Korea - -
Pad Composition Aluminum sheet and
ceramic particle
PVC pad and Ceramic particle Polyester film and ceramic
Size H20-30 * W60 * T2.8mm H23 * W60 * T3mm H23 * W69 * T2.4mm
Production Method Compressive adhesion using thermosetting materials Liquid bond (Epoxy and Urethane) adhesion Liquid bond (Epoxy and Urethane) adhesion
Luminescent test 10 min 268 - -
60 min 43 - -
Wear Resistance 1) 7mg - -
Wear Resistance 2) 253mg - -
Slip Resistance 3) 68BPN - -

* Wear Resistance 1) : 1000 times, test method ASTMD 4060-10, Wear Resistance 2) : 1000 times, test method
  ASTMD 4060-10, Slip Resistance 3) : test method KSF 2375 2001

DONHO R&D is a leading ISO certified and patent holding manufacturer of eco friendly nonslip stair nosing in Korea since 2011. Our eco friendly nonslip nosing material doesn’t require any colouring. We develop & supply quality products across the world and our products meet all customers need. Contact our experts for more details.