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CEO's Greeting

CEO's GreetingCEO's GreetingCompany introductionCEO's GreetingCEO's Greeting

The company that prioritizes safety
Our endless challenge toward a bright world continues.

CEO's Greeting

The light that protects you from the darknessWelcome to Donho R & D. Donho R & D, which has a facility maintenance license, specializes in nonslip building materials. We are achieving constant development via continuous R & D with the philosophy of challenge and innovation.

We strive to provide intangible values that are much more than just those that can be seen through customer satisfaction management. Moreover, we make an effort to minimize customers’ complaint via thorough quality control and follow-up service on all our products. All our executives and staff members who are equipped with the pioneering spirit are never afraid of challenge or failure, and are prepared to overcome any difficulties.

At Donho R & D, we always heed our customers’ concerns and work together with them without hesitation to realize their wishes. We hope that our actions encourage love and support from our respected customers.

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CEO of Donho R & D

Myeongshin KIM