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Nonslip Stair Nosing Manufacturer Korea

Nonslip Stair Nosing Manufacturer KoreaNonslip Stair Nosing Manufacturer KoreaSAFETEPNonslip Stair Nosing Manufacturer Korea Nonslip Stair Nosing

SATEFEP is a byword for nonslip stair nosing using an eco-friendly material that does not require coloring.


SAFETEP is ?It is a nonslip stair nosing patented by Donho’s own
technology. The compound word “Safetep” is formed from the worlds “Safe” and “Step” and it means safe steps. SAFETEP has been developed to prevent sliding and help pedestrians to move or walk safely in the dark through its excellent visibility.

SAFETEP has proven its excellence by registering it at the shopping mall of the Public Procurement Service and advancing abroad. SAFETTEP is a leading nonslip stair nosing, advancing to the world with its excellent quality.

Patent No. 10-1099522Name of Invention (Manufacturing Method and Manufacturing Equipment of nonslip Stair Nosing Using Natural Material that Does Not Require Coloring)Certificate of Patent »

Advantages of SAFETP

01 Nonslip Stair Nosing with an Aluminum Base / Semipermanent Use
SAFETEP has maximized durability using an aluminum sheet on the nonslip part and it can be used semipermanently because it does not have desquamation and peeling compared to tape film-type nonslip products on the market. Desquamation and peeling can be easily occurred from the existing tape film-type nonslip products because of low resistance against friction, and holes can be made in case of deterioration.
02 The nonslip pad is an aluminum base with ceramic-(emery) and luminescent-integrated nonslip pad
SAFETEP has excellent wear and slip resistance because emery and luminescence had been compressed together and produced. It does not discolor or flake off. It is much slimmer than the film-type product, and it provides excellent brightness by using high luminance phosphorescent pigments (for luminescence applied products only). SAFETEP has compressed and produced by the adhesive of the hybrid composite material so nonslip distribution is more even than a film-type product, and it is evenly distributed.
03 Thin and Strong Anodizing Preservative Treatment Aluminum Frame
The edges of the thin nonslip frame are treated diagonally so there is no irritation during walking. It prevents the discoloration, corrosion, and scratch of the frame due to anodizing preservative treatment. Adhesive installation or piece installation can be selected depending on the installation place because the thin frame is used. It is not easily contaminated because the surface is smooth after installation and is easy to clean
04 Diverse Colors and Customized Length Order
We can provide products with diverse colors and lengths desired by customers because of our self-production line and settling technology of emery composite material. We can imprint designs and company logos on the surface on the nonslip emery and provide special nonslip stair nosings.
05 Nonslip Pad Roll
We can deliver requirements and quantity of orders through a self-product process. For an quantity of order of 1,000 M or more, packing and transportation are easy during export due to the reduction of volume.
DONHO R&D is a leading patent holding manufacturer of nonslip stair nosing in Korea. Our nonslip stair nosing is made of eco friendly materials that don’t require any colouring. We have an experience of more than 4 years for the manufacturer of nonslip materials in Korea. Contact our experts for more details.